Gardoš Hill overlooks the scenery

From emperors to scientists

Many historical figures adored to spend time in this very neighborhood. There are old houses that stand out among attractions in the closest area. In the oldest house of Belgrade which represents the building from period of Turkish rule in Zemun, some historic documents say that Prince Eugene of Savoy stayed in it while making plans for Belgrade attack in 1717. Karamata house, built in 1762, was the home for Emperor Franz Joseph II, his nephew Franz I and Serbian educator Vuk Karadžić.

Gardoš Hill overlooks the area. It differs from other parts of Belgrade architecturally and by its spirit. Narrow streets and the proximity of Danube, with which Zemun is in an “intimate relationship”, give a specific charm to Gardoš. With its bistros, it is an equivalent of Skadarlija, but instead of meat specialties, it mostly offers fine fish dishes and true hedonism. Its cobblestone streets rise above the Danube and offer beautiful view over the river, the confluence and Belgrade.

On a top of a Gardoš Hill stands Millennium Tower. Today, ground floor of Millennium Tower serves as an art gallery. On the first floor, you will find observation deck and permanent exhibition dedicated to Serbian scientist Milutin Milanković who was the first to explain how climate changes affect the Earth. Gardoš is center of cultural events and it hosts various theatre and music festivals, especially during summer.

Arts and culture are our neighbors and friends

Art and culture next to the Hotel Theater

There is a beautiful park, two churches – Catholic dedicated to St. Roch and Orthodox dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel. In its surrounding stand Sports Hall Pinki where you can go bowling and Gymnasium, third oldest gymnasium in Serbia opened in 1858. On various locations around park, you will see remains such as Roman sarcophagus from long gone Zemun castle.

Our neighborhood is home to the first privately owned opera house in Serbia. Madlenianum was founded in 1998 in a building of former Zemun Theater. Rich repertoire includes operas, musicals, theater and concerts that are staged regularly.

One of the main art galleries, Stara kapetanija is located at the end of promenade. Besides permanent exhibitions, gallery organizes temporary exhibitions of solo or group artists who are oriented predominantly towards contemporary art.

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